Bud Shootout – Recap

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Racing
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Rock Haven’s first race of the 2012 season, The Bud Shootout, started at 4PM yesterday (4/28/2012).

The temps were mild, with sunshine & warm breezes, as fans started settling in around the track. People were still playing corn hole at the pool deck and lying out by the pool (with a few brave ones actually diving into the still frigid water!) but they soon joined the rest of the fans to watch the event.

Families brought snacks for the kids; and coolers were carried by a few small groups celebrating the beginning of the 2012 racing season. Sunshine and sunglasses seemed to encourage a festive atmosphere which brought in over 50 fans to view the race.

We had a total of 7 drivers, which included our newest participant, Racing Tom (AKA Tennis Tom) (#50), and the mood was relaxed and good natured. Here is a list of all the participating drivers (and their counters):

  1. #9– Dean (Jim)
  2. #11– Nick (Kevin)
  3. #14– Hawlass (Carolyn)
  4. #24– Wayne (Deb)
  5. #41– Fred (Creida)
  6. #50-Tom (Debbi)
  7. #88-Richard (Connie)

Sadie, the camp dog, made a brief leashed appearance before the race and quickly left in search of squirrels.

During the playing of the Star Spangled Banner, we had 3 veterans proudly saluting while we all stood to honor the American flag. Then, the group of counters, up on stage, shouted ‘Gentlemen Start Your Motors’ to the glee of all the fans. Cheering, clapping and whoops were heard around the track!

The race was exciting but we ended up with a few musical intermissions due to breakdowns to the following cars: #88 (Richard), #24 (Wayne), and #9 (Dean). The tunes were upbeat and some folks sang along to Dream On (Aerosmith), Bad to the Bone (George Thorogood), and Sweet Home Alabama (Lynard Skynard).

During the truck race, #9 (Dean) had a breakdown, and was not loud enough when he tried to alert our Race Director, Geraldine. As a result, Ms G decided to make all the drivers say in a loud, clear voice CAUTION so that it wouldn’t happen again. Wow-Ms G sure knows how to crack that flag!

The good natured feeling of the race made it all the way to the end, when winner #41 (Fred) handed off the winners flag to one of the children attending. With his small hands grasping the huge flag, he ran all the way around the track to the glee of all the fans, which clapped and cheered him on. You can get the complete race results here.

Even with all the interruptions, the race ended at 5:15PM. What a great way to start the new racing season! If you missed it, don’t worry, we still have a lot more to come. Check this page for a countdown, listed on the left, for the next race.

See you at the races!

  1. Cameron L. Bennett says:

    Hi there,
    This is the first time I noticed this on the website. My kids and I love coming. Charles wants to be a driver someday.

    • Hi Cameron! Yes, the blog is new. Thanks for stopping by!

      We all love the way your kids get so excited during the races. They add a lot of fun to the event. 🙂
      And we look forward to seeing you and your family again for the next race.


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