5-19-2012 Race Highlights

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Racing
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This week’s RHL (Rock Haven Lodge) race was filled with action and adventure! With next weekend being Memorial Day, it was assumed that tonight’s race would be uneventful and possibly a little bit boring. Boy howdy, were we wrong!

[The track was in need of some major TLC due to heavy rains & hail earlier in the day.

Four drivers stepped up to the plate and spent 2 back breaking hours drying out the track.

So this is our shout out to: #88 (Richard), #50 (Tom), #11 (Nick), and #24 (Wayne). Way to go guys!!

Thank you for making the track spick & span and for saving the day with your unselfish dedication.]

The race officially started at 8:25PM due to the rain delay. The night was cool, and the track temp was 67 degrees. A running joke prior to the race, was that we are all ‘under cover nudists’ because it was too cool to be nude. Let’s face it, we may be nudists but we aren’t stupid. We put clothes on when it’s cold!

We had 20+ fans in attendance with 3 vets (a fan, a driver, and a counter) proudly saluting the flag during the playing of the national anthem.  And we were even mooned by #24 (Wayne) right before the start of the race. Yep, we knew then, that it was going to be a fun night!

A new ceiling fan has been installed over turns 3 &4. It will help a lot when the temps rise this summer!

And there was new paint on #9 (Dean)’s car & truck and it looked mighty fine at the beginning of the race. Here is a shot of both of them:

But after slamming into the guard rails and other cars during the race, it didn’t look so pristine.

Here is a list of tonight’s drivers (and their counters):

  1. #9 [#9 Truck]-Dean (Sherry)
  2. #11 [#11 Truck]-Nick (Kevin)
  3. #14-Haul Ass (Carolyn)
  4. #24 [#24 Truck]-Wayne (Deb)
  5. #41 [#44 Truck]-Fred (Jim)
  6. #88 [#4 Truck]-Richard (Connie)
  7. #50 [#50 Truck]-Tom (Debbi)

We want to thank Sherry for jumping in to help Dean as a last minute counter. She did a great job for her first time!

The race was filled with many cars slamming into the guard rails, into each other, and it looked like a heavy metal mosh-pit with all of them crashing into one another.

At one point #50 (Tom)’s car even jumped over the outside guard rail and onto the gravel by the pool. Wow! Sadly, #14 (Haul Ass) had mechanical difficulties and could not participate in the feature race.

During the truck race, #41 (Fred) had mechanical difficulties, had to remove his vehicle from the race and decided to kick #4 (Richard)’s truck up and over the center rail. Oh yeah, tempers do flare in the heat of the moment! No one can say that our drivers don’t have a passion for the race. They all take it very seriously!

During a 15 minute intermission, we heard some great music that included: Mississippi Queen, Bad to the Bone, Low Rider, and Sweet Home Alabama.

Near the end of the feature race, Sadie the camp dog, made her grand entrance.

Sadie-Camp Dog

She was leashed and got so excited every time the cars zoomed past her that she barked happily. She really, really, really wanted to chase them!

So when the race ended, her mom-RHL owner Susan let her off the leash and she romped around the track barking.

Fans, drivers, and counters cheered her on and #24 (Wayne) let her chase his car around the track. She barked, ran after it, and had a great time! What a great way to end the race!




Congrats to the winner of tonight’s race- #11 (Nick)! Click here to get all the official race results.

If you attended the race tonight, thank you for supporting RHL racing! And if you were unable to come, don’t worry; there will be another race next weekend.

See you at the races!


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