5-26-2012 Race Recap

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Racing
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Even though summer hasn’t ‘officially’ started yet, last nights race was super HOT! After record breaking highs in the 90’s the track seemed like a cool 82 degrees after the sun went down.

Over 50+ fans sweltered in the heat to cheer on their favorite drivers and we had four family’s with children present. During the playing of the Star Spangled Banner, two veterans proudly saluted the American flag for this Memorial Day weekend race.

Here is a list of our drivers (and counters):

  1. Dean #9 [Truck #9]-(Sherry)
  2. Nick #11 [Truck #11]-(Kevin)
  3. Haul-Ass #14 [Truck #14]-(Carolyn)
  4. Wayne #24 -(Deb)
  5. Fred #41 [Truck #44] (Ruth)
  6. Tom #50 [Truck #50]-(Debbi)
  7. Richard #88 [Truck #4] (Connie)

The race started a little late, about 8:15, but we think its just due to the unbearable heat. It seems that everything goes at a slower pace when the temps rise. But our drivers did not disappoint when it came down to each left turn. And we won’t even mention that Ms G completely forgot to wave the green start flag for the 1st heat.  😉

With some fans lining the fence by the pool (probably to be close by in case they needed a cooling dip!), all the races took on a hazy lazy feel. Heck, truck #24 went 16 laps on a flat tire, before leaving the race to change it!

We had a wreck without a race (don’t ask!), and the #50 car  managed to zoom around the track with its battery hanging outside of the body during the feature race.

Music was generously provided by DJ Fred and there were some great tunes to tap a bare foot by. Songs included: Slow Ride, The Heat is On (totally relevant due to the temps!), Fly Like an Eagle, Something Bout a Truck, and Truckin’. Do ya see a trend here? Oh, and another song was played called I Love NASCAR (to the tune of I Love This Bar). I had never heard of that one! It was hilarious!

Congratulations to #11 (Nick)  for winning tonight’s race! All race results are posted here.

There was also a dance held afterwards and a surprise for one of our members. Read about it here.

The next race is June 9th. See you there!


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