6-9-2012 Race Recap

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Racing

After a day of games in the hot sun at Rock Haven, tonight’s race was the perfect ending. It was mellow, laid back, and fans poured in to view the exciting end to a fun filled day.

The track temp was 81 degrees and it was freshly washed by a few dedicated drivers, prior to the race. Susan, our park owner, handed out Rock Haven water bottles to all the winners from the games.

Our pool emptied when the race started and we had over 50+ fans lining the track. Plus, we had 3 families join in on the fun. The kids were giggling and running around having a great time.

For the playing of the Star Spangled Banner, there were 4 vets in the audience proudly saluting the American flag-2 fans, 1 driver, and 1 counter.

Speaking of counters, here is a list of the wonderful folks that helped our drivers tonight (with a special thanks to Mark for stepping up to help Wayne at the last minute!):

  1. Dean #9 (Jim)
  2. Nick #11 (Kevin)
  3. Haul-Ass #14 (Carolyn)
  4. Wayne #24 (Mark)
  5. Fred #41 (Ruth)
  6. Tom #50 (Debbi)
  7. Richard #88 (Connie)

The race started at 8:10PM when the incomparable Ms G announced ‘Turn Your Batteries On!’ and waved the green flag. But not before the counters all sang Happy Birthday to a surprised Terry.

The race was a little crazy. Cars crashed into the side rails, the stage and each other! It was so fun (and a tiny bit scary) to watch. We even saw #88 (Richard)’s car jump the fence! Wayne #24 showed off new paint at the beginning but we don’t think it stayed on for long after this wacky race!

During intermission, Richard (#88) gave a little #12 toy car to one of the children. She was so happy! Plus, during that time we heard some great tunes from our DJ Tom. They included: Dirt Road Anthem, Green Eyed Lady, and I Can’t Drive 55.

There was also some excitement during the truck race, too. Well, maybe not excitement. Maybe we can call it wonder because #12 (Richard) burned out his transmission and his truck just barely c-r-e-a-p-e-d slowly around the track. We are wall in stitches with laughing!

Oh, and something else happened, that doesn’t happen very often.
We started with 7 cars and ended with all 7 cars! WTG drivers!!

Tonight’s winner was #11 (Nick). For all the details on the stats for this race, click here.

The next race is on June 23rd-B.A.T.T. Race (Boys and Their Toys). See you there!


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