Its all about the flags!

Posted: June 9, 2013 in Racing



Ever wonder what all those flags mean? Me too! So I went to the source to find out.
Ms Geraldine gave me a few pointers and they are listed below.
BTW…welcome back for the 2013 Rock Haven Racing Season!

  • Green means gooooo!!
  • Yellow means caution.
  • Red means STOP!
  • White means final lap.
  • Black means penalty.
  • Checkered means winner!

1 Flag-Green-start

1 Flag-Yellow-caution









1Winners Flag

Winners names are added to the checkered flag after the final race.
Who will it be for 2013?




1 Flag-White-final lap








1 Flag-Black-penalty




  1. Cameron says:

    Normally all I see used are the green and the checkered. Perhaps we could use the other colors more often. The white flag could mean one more minute. Use the red flag when whistling to stop. Etc.

  2. I find this very educational. I learned this in Elementary School when I first became excited about auto racing.

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