Welcome to Rock Haven Racing!

Here at Rock Haven Lodge Family Nudist Park we are very serious about our racing. Drivers paint their cars to match real NASCAR vehicles and wear matching hats. Our track is under a huge pavilion right next to the dart deck and has enough seating available for all our racing fans.

Before each family friendly race, the Star Spangled Banner is played, while everyone stands; and the race starts with a resounding ‘drivers start your motors’! (Since there are only electric cars raced here-its sort of a tradition but not really happening.)

While the cars are whizzing around the track, children are chanting their favorite driver’s number and fans are squealing with delight. Its a very festive atmosphere!

After each race we will post behind the scene comments, to keep you up-to-date on everything. Including:

  • Weather reports
  • Crowd size
  • Special Events
  • Wrecks & Accidents
  • Car Breakdowns
  • Music Played during breaks
  • Sadie (the camp dog) sightings
  • And anything else that happens during the race

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

*Updated point standings will be posted on the results page.


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