Drivers and Support Crew

We have quite a few people involved behind the scenes for each race to happen.

This page is dedicated to all of them. 

Here is a list of those that contributed:

  • Rock Haven Owner-Susan. Through her vision and drive, we now have a lovely HUGE covered pavilion to view the races each season.
  • The many members that helped with upkeep & cleaning of the track.
  • Counters-devoted supporters for each driver that count laps during races; and the voices for ‘Gentlemen Start Your Motors!’
  • Fans-we wouldn’t be here without their much needed support and undying devotion.
  • Race Director-Geraldine. With her ever present whistle and waving of flags, she keeps the drivers going left!
  • Announcer-Richard. His hilarious banter keeps the fans occupied while drivers prepare for the race.
  • Music and lighting-Tom. Without him we would be bored and sitting in the dark.
  • And of course the drivers. They are listed below, along with the cap and number of the car they each drive.

Rock Haven 2012 Racers



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