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RHL (Rock Haven Lodge) Racing FYI will be for filling in the details about our favorite pastime…racing!

Today’s topic is ‘what are counters‘. But the better question might be ‘who are the counters’.

Counters are the people seated up on the stage during a race. They represent each driver and count laps-using a clicker-as cars cross the checkered line (also known as the finish line). But…the driver that they represent, will never have their laps counted by their own counters. It keeps the race honest.

This is what the counters clicker looks like up close: 

For each roundup of the races, we will post who counted for each driver. Sometimes we have folks that step in to help if the regular counter is not able to perform their duties.

Now you know what a counter is! If you have any questions about counters, please post a comment and I will try to answer it for you. Or, if you have a question about anything else regarding RHL racing, please feel free to post a question under the comments section and we will try to get that information to you.

See you at the races!