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Tonight’s race was a team effort. It started at 8:10PM, the track temp was 96 degrees (wow!), and there were 2 vets saluting old glory during the playing of the National Anthem. Sadie, the camp dog, made a brief pre-race appearance to inspect the track and then went home for a much needed nap.

There were 3 family’s present along with 40+ fans circling the track in the 90+ degree heat. Needless to say, the crowd was sweltering, even though at least 10 of them were first time visitors to a Rock Haven race.

Richard made a couple of unusual announcements before the race:

  1. There was watermelon in the clubhouse-brought & donated by visitors-and everyone was invited to have a slice of the refreshing cool fruit.
  2. An anonymous donor has offered to pay $100, at the end of the season, to anyone that can beat #11 (Nick) in a race. They are calling this, the ‘Stick-It-To-Nick’ incentive. And if he beats everyone…again…he will get an extra $150 at the end of the racing season. It sounds like someone is tired of #11 (Nick) winning all the time!

Here is a list of tonights drivers (and their counters):

#9 Dean – (Linda)
#11 Nick – (Kevin)
#14 Haul-Ass – (Carolyn)
#24 Wayne – (Deb)
#50 Tom – (Debbi)
#88 Richard – (Connie)

After the 1st heat-which rookie #50 (Tom) won for the 1st time-there was a long intermission. During that time there was a lot of activity! Here are the highlights-

  • One of the children brought his own remote controlled car (#12) and was allowed to take 3 laps, with the assistance of Geraldine (our Race Director) wildly waving flags. The child’s brother & sister also tried to do it, too, but were unable to gain control of the car. They all had a blast!
  • Ms G also shared some very HOT yummilicious stuffed jalapeno poppers with the crowd, that she had made herself. The temps just kept getting hotter as the race continued!
  • Every single driver assisted #14 (Haul-Ass) with a broken down car. You should have seen them all huddled around him at his table! Each driver donated a car part to help him stay in the race. Now that is what we call good sportsmanship!

Music for the race included: TNT Dynamite, Sideways, Taking Care of Business, Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off, and I Can’t Drive 55. 

Our park owner, Susan, brought out her ‘speed gun’ and said that during the 1st Heat, the average speed was 19 MPH. The 2nd Heat went up to 25MPH and the final race reached 29MPH. Wow!

#11 (Nick) won the race (as usual) and let a little girl run around the track with the winners flag. It was a great ending to a great night!

You can see all the results for the B.A.T.T. Race here.

See you at the races!